Blogs » A Constitutionalist & Believer in Natural Law » When did We Stop Growing Enough Apples in Our Country?


This week I stopped in a convenience store and bought something I have not purchased in years; apple juice.   My physician had told me to not drink anything carbonated or with caffeine in it before my health test. 

I was just relaxing waiting to be called, when I read on the label ow Welch's Apple juice--made from concentrate from China, Thailand or other country.

I promptly discarded the drink.  I do not trust any food product or additives of food products that come from China or any Asian country.

And what is with this? Have our own production of apples decreased to the point that they can not met the supply demand of Welch's? 

I have not checked yet, but I wonder how many more juices and food products are from China?