Yesterday, I got some much needed help and advice from professionals. Not a bunch of quick weight loss gurus trying to sell something, but professionals trained and dedicated in healthy eating and lifestyle changes
When I was a young man, I could eat a half-gallon of ice cream every night and drink a six-pack and never gained weight. Of course, I also ran 3-5 miles each day. I recall when I was discharged from the service I weighted 165 lbs.   Now, 38 years later, I weigh an additional 100 lbs and eat less. Forget obesity, I am a lard-a@@. I have a Dunlap stomach, it has dun lapped around. 
I have tried many on and off diets, but now it is time to face the facts, I needed to take this weigh issue as a serious problem. If not now when?
Why am I writing about this? Looking around, I see, I am not aloneSo I want to share a bit of what I have learned. 
To lose weight it is all about intake of calories, movement and have goals of no more than 8-10 lb weight lost a month. And once the weight is off, don’t give up healthy eating and movement.
We need to MOVE. We need to get away from the computer/television and move. I have started taking a brisk walk for 90 minutes three times a week. And in a few weeks will increase the distance. I have started lifting weights for thirty minutes on days I don’t walk. Actually the walking is less boring, I get to see the outdoors and what is occurring in the neighborhood—I am nosey. Also, I received a lot of positive encouragement while walking. I will start wade fishing, instead of just seating on the dock. What you do is up to you, just get out and move. Maybe dance a few times a week, swim, jog, walk, play tennis/racquetball, or go to the gym--- just get out and move. Get your heart pumping.
We need to eliminate sugar from our diet. We need to use sugar substitutes and give up cakes, pies, candy, fruit drinks, and doughnuts. We need to be aware of hidden high sugar items like soft drinks, fruit drinks, latte coffee, Ketchup, honey flavored products, jelly, and barbeque sauce. I rarely eat any of these products now, and now am shocked at how sweet these sugar products are, and they no longer taste right.
I have used Sweet and Low for years as a sugar substitute, what you use is up to you.
We need to increase fiber and reduce carbohydrates. Enriched bread and bleach flour are carbs that quickly turn to sugar, creating a high sugar load on the body. Pasta, ranch dressing, potatoes, corn, peas, cheese, whole milk, sauces/gravy, and ice cream are high carbohydrate foods and should be a rare item in your diet. I have a weakness for pasta, and have tried whole grain pasta in an attempt to keep some pasta in my diet, but I found it stalled my weigh lost goals. Many of my family members and friends think I have had a stroke or something. I have become a salad man. I have found that a salad meal; a few pork skins for crunch replace croutons, balsamic vinegar and extra light olive oil replace salad dressing, and grilled chicken or boiled egg is very filling. I know not your typical image of a man’s meal, but hey, I am on a quest to lose weight.
We need to eat smaller portions. Our meat food portion should be no larger than a deck of cards (about the size of a beef patty). Our vegetables should be no larger than a half of a cup for each vegetable. Our stacks should not be a small meal. 
We need to drink at least a liter of water a day. We are not talking about soft drinks here we are talking about water. To remove fat from the body, it has to be hydrolyzed; also water helps to curb hunger. My tap water is not the best tasting because magnesium has not been added to it (which occurs in bottle water), so I add some lemon to it for flavoring.
We should eat three meals and two snacks a day.  Skipping breakfast causes us to over eat later. A snack of a celery stick/apple slice with small teaspoon of peanut butter helps curb hunger and keeps the body burning calories.   I eat more fish, poultry, and very lean red meat. One meal a day is a salad meal; a few pork skins for crunch replace croutons, balsamic vinegar and extra light olive oil replace salad dressing, and grilled chicken or boiled egg.

I am dedicated to a life style in which I weight less, eat healthy, and move. When are you going to change? IF NOT NOW,  WHEN?