In less than 11 months, on March 7, 2010, Texas Democratic and Republican primaries will be held.

There is little known about who will be in each governor's race. And speculations on the race are numerous, some even speculate that many Democrats will cross over and vote in the Republican primary in hopes of nominating a weaker Republican candidate.

We know that Governor Rick Perry has filed. Also, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison has formed an exploratory committee for the race and transferred some of her funds; she still has from her senate campaign to the race. Also, Larry Kilgore has announced his election bid in the Republican race. And there are rumors that Lt. Governor David Dewhurst may enter the race.

Jeff Daiell has announced, he will seek the Libertarian nomination.

The Democratic candidates for the nomination are still a mystery. While Houston Major Bill White is rumored to be a possible candidate, he has stated that since Senator Hutchison is in the race—he is out. Kinky Friedman has stated a possible interest in running for Democratic nomination. And former U.S. Ambassador to Japan, Tom Schieffer, has formed an exploratory committee for the Democratic nomination.

What we do know is the filing deadline for all Democratic/Republican candidates is January, and the filing deadline for Independents and Write-In candidates is August 2010.