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I finally got around to reading the Department of Homeland Security ‘s Domestic Terrorism Report. Why many of us have heard it demonizes veterans, it is so much more. It demonizes many religious teachings and belief systems.

It provides the government with a reason to monitor and question your activities if you—

  1. Are a white male, 0r
  2. Associate with organization that oppose abortion, Or
  3. Oppose abortion, Or
  4. Associate with groups or teach “End time” prophecies, Or
  5. Stockpile food, Or
  6. Support state and local authority over federal government., Or
  7. Are a veteran, Or
  8. Oppose citizenship of immigrates, Or
  9. Perceive the US is loosing jobs in manufacturing and construction, Or
  10. Perceive a threat from the economical rise and influence power of China, Russia, India and other countries, Or
  11. Oppose free trade agreements, Or
  12. Believe the US may be on a course of impending economical collapse, Or
  13. Oppose mandatory registration of all firearms, Or
  14. Oppose legislation on firearms restrictions and weapon bans, Or
  15. Stockpile ammunition or weapons
  16. Associate with organizations that believe the government may suspend the Constitution, Or
  17. Encrypt your e-mail.

The report also implies that if you are associated with any of the above you are a possible treat because you must be a right-wing extremist. It also implies that if you oppose President Obama or any of his policies; it is because he is the first black president.

I wonder why the report targeted/labeled the treat as being right-winged. It left out left-winged extremist, Weather Underground that bombed government buildings and banks and killed law enforcement officers, Earth Liberation Front (ELF) that torched homes they felt was to expensive and harmed the environment, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) that spray painted fur/leather coats and cars with leather seat covers, Black Liberation Army and the Republic of New Africa, May 19th Communist Organization (M19CO), Stream of Knowledge calls for a war against whites, The United Freedom Front and others.