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It seems we cannot go anywhere anymore and make any financial transaction without connection to the Internet.

On-line banking, On-line data back-up, On-line bill pay, On-line government services, On-line store inventory/reorder, On-line medical records, On-line store sales, On-line insurance, On-line dispatch, On-line drivers/professional license renewal, On-line fast food ordering, On-line credit check, On-line identity protection, and etc. is the way of doing business in a technological society.

Internet hacking/attacks of our electric grid, veteran’s services, social security services, defense department, Twitter, Face book, and etc.

Not only the United States, but also all technological countries, doing business either local, national, or international umbilical cord to the net keeps it alive. Any industrial terrorist, religious terrorist, or national government desiring to disrupt/destroy will be active in attaching the Achilles’ heel in hopes of permanently cutting the umbilical cord of the Internet.

I would encourage any bright young high school graduate that loves computer science to consider a career in Internet security. If they do not have the funds for college, they should pursue a like kind study in the military. We need all the help we can get to secure our Umbilical Cord and Achilles’ heel.