It is disturbing that the current left-wing administration that has a super majority in Congress along with a left-wing President finds it necessary to verbally attack the citizens of this country for exercising their constitutional rights and even to threaten citizens with White House investigation.

It does not take a rocket scientist to realize the White House is sending out a direct threat to individuals that oppose the House Healthcare Bill, “If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to ---is the statement as it appears on the official White House website,

But, I am quite assured that the left-wing will put a spin on the statement, redefine it and tell us what we really are hearing and reading is not what we think we are hearing and reading---as if the American citizens are stupid and need to be educated. I read it as a direct threat against any citizens first amendment right to send out emails---- accurate or inaccurately opposing the current proposed House Health care Bill. The statement appears to hint at the policies of Stalin to have citizens spy on each other.

It also, appears to me, that this left-wing administration has developed a strategy of demonization of any organization or individual that oppose their legislation, power grab, and “leadership”. Their demonization list includes, banking, public financial institutions, corporations, big oil & coal, business owners, wealthy, individual citizens, conservatives, moderates, state rights activities, constitutionalist, and prior administrations. And the strategy seems to have been rather successful, through their demonization strategy they create justification for their blitzkrieg passage of legislation.

The negative labels the left-wing is assigning to protesters that show up at congressional town hall meetings is flat out insulting and arrogant. It is totally uncalled for. Anyone that has been to major meetings of elected officials realizes the elected officials have set the rules (agenda) for speakers and people in attendance. If protesters appear and speak out of order, they have violated the rules of the meeting, and will be removed. And should be removed to allow for an orderly meeting.

I wonder if it was the strategy of the congressional left-wing leadership to allow the protesters to disrupt the meetings.

Now they can demonize the protesters, they have cause for eliminating town hall meetings, they have cause for not holding open meetings, and they now can control the media. They now can control the publication of what questions are asked of them and answer the questions after a period of reflection.

This left-wing administration is so arrogant they hide their own elitist standard, by exempting the Washington elite elected from the healthcare bill.