I was somewhat surprised by the coverage Victoria Advocate gave concerning the problem with illegal Immigration and the toll it takes on human lives.

While others advocate the United States should have an open border policy, I do not. I realize open borders would open our country to the invasion of drug lords, terrorist, gangs, and etc. I contend the United States would rot from within with an open border policy.

I have opposed for a long time legislation that would give illegal aliens citizenship if they can not speak and read English, if they have committed any other crimes (for example stolen ID or trafficking of drugs), and if their children have committed any crimes (for example not being part of any gang or trafficking drugs), if they have not paid federal income taxes, and they can not pass the regular citizenship test.

I have supported for a long time reform of the immigration process. Temporary Work Green Cards processing should not take more than 30 days. Green Cards should be fraud proof. Current illegal aliens that have not committed any other crime should be able to get temporary work Green Cards, but have a one-year penalty for application for citizenship. Current illegal aliens should get a 50% reduction in the penalty if they can help document employers that illegally hired them. Illegal aliens should have 45 days to apply for Temporary Work Green Cards, after that date if they are caught, they will be deported and denied a Green Card for two years.

Many individuals, including myself support not only an easier legal work program, but also a cheaper process for the alien; and a major reduction in the processing time. We need more individuals from Mexico, which are law-abiding individuals who desire to be American citizens and work to accomplish the requirements for citizenship.

I contend many employers do not want to see a reform in the immigration policy. They can in many cases avoid paying minimum wages, workman’s comp, matching Social Security and Medicare taxes. Many slumlords do not want reform, because they will loose the ability to avoid making repairs.

Many workers do not want to see immigration reform, because it will create competition for jobs, cost their employers more money, and may drive more companies across the border.

Is it possible that the current elected Democrats in Washington will push for rapid passage of an immigration reform bill that will provide citizenship to thousands of illegal aliens before the next election cycle? Current citizens opposing the direction that our country is moving votes will be diluted.