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There is a lot to say for a hard copy newspaper. It is not only feel and sight of a regular hard copy newspaper that is comfortable, but it is real mobile. A hard copy makes the time pass rather quickly while in the waiting rooms of clinics, hospitals, and auto service departments. And we must not forget the pleasure of falling asleep reading the paper.

The reality of the need for newspapers to cut cost to remain in the business is real. Our society has become more visual. I am shocked at the number of people that have never read a single book. The younger generations are not big on reading, unless it is on the net. But, we all must not forget the wonderful services provided by newspapers. There is no better source for getting information on local events, issues, local personalities, and history than the local newspaper. Local independent editorials provide a media for freedom of the speech and insight into the thoughts of the region.

There are many things to enjoy about a Digital Edition of the paper. While many will state the biggest advantage for a Digital Edition is the environmental, I am more into what is the advantage to the consumer, me.

The Digital Edition is especially good when traveling or on vacation, your access is limited only to the ability to find an Internet connection. The Digital Edition does not have to be taken out with the trash. It is rather easy to increase the size of the Digital Edition, which is good for aging eyes.

There are some questions related to the Digital Edition. Will a subscriber be able to access prior editions? Will other members of the household be able to access the Digital Edition at the same time? Will there be at least a Saturday or Sunday hard copy in addition to the Digital Edition?

I have become rather attached to the Victoria Advocate and its reporters, it would be a major loss if the Advocate disappeared like so many local newspapers in the United States. With the addition of the Digital Edition, I believe they will be able to continue to provide the area with a tradition of quality news.