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It appears almost eveyone at this time of the year comes up with a list of the best and worst "ABC" of the year. This year I have my own list of the Ten Achievements/Failures of the Obama Administration.

Top Ten Failures of the Obama Administration

  1. Failure to halt the nuclear weapon programs of Iran and N. Korea.
  2. Failure to keep unemployment less than 8% through the Stimulus Funds.
  3. Failure to increase transparency in Washington.
  4. Failure to end legislation with earmarks.
  5. Failure to secure borders.
  6. Failure to reform and pass new regulations on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
  7. Failure to negotiate a START II Treaty with Russia. START I Treaty expired the first week of December 2009. The Obama administration claims it still remains in force indefinitely pending agreement on a successor. Russia has not signed off on this statement or confirmed such an agreement.
  8. Failure to reduce wasteful federal spending.
  9. Failure to reduce size of federal government.
  10. Failure to create confidence in the American dollar in world financial markets.

Ten Achievements of the Obama Administration

  1. Increased the power of the President over public corporations and citizens.
  2. Increased the size of the federal government.
  3. Increased the National Debt Ceiling.
  4. Spent more in first Presidential year than the total of all four prior years.
  5. Reduced worldwide financial markets confidence in the American dollar.
  6. Halted hard line interrogations of captured combat detainees.
  7. Increased wasteful spending and earmarks.
  8. Traveled more miles than any prior President in first year of administration.
  9. Made more personal speeches in first year of administration than any prior peacetime President.
  10. Weakened Constitutional liberties.

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!" Benjamin Franklin