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From time to time I go to foreign Internet news sites to get a view on the problems in other countries, what their global concerns are, and how they view US policies.

The above headline and related story first appeared on Christmas Day at:

The news site is an English version of the Russian Internet based tabloid-style newspaper, “Pravda On-line”. It is operated by many of the former Soviet Union and Communist Party; so much of the “news” on the site is going to be bias.

The related story with the headline contends that the political unrest in the Niger is spearheaded by the USA and its determination to control the uranium fields of Niger. It also, comments on other countries that are major competitors for the cheap natural mineral resources of Niger (France, China, and Japan). Niger comes in third largest with uranium rich fields (after Canada and Australia).

Our national news media appears silent on our involvement in Niger’s government and our desire to control of Uranium. And it is news to me.

Personally, if we are able to keep the uranium from anti-West countries and terrorist, I support it. Also, if it delays our uranium mining operations and related health issues; it sounds like a logical position for the country.

The story makes no comments on the position of Russia on these events or if Russia is also in the competition mix “To Take All of Niger’s Uranium.