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 In the early industrial days of this country, employees working for a mining company or mill or company, lived in company provided stores, and the only source to purchase food/clothing/household goods were the company store. The Company controlled wages, housing, and purchasing of their employees. The prices at the company store often varied based upon the position of the employee, but all employees were in debt to the company store. Often employees owed years of income to store. Employees were financial slaves to the company.
Now we jump to our present day and time. China appears to buying most of our debt. They will be financing most of the current Stimulus Package. They are buying up the stock of many stressed banks. Then they are selling us through imports all types of trash.
We are in debt to them; politically they have a hold on the country. Forget about any hard line talks about reducing the unfair trade balance with them. We will become their financial slaves.

Just this last weekend, I was looking at a new Garcia reel. They have been made in Sweden for years. I was shocked to see they are now made in China.

We are going to be working for the company store-China.