Sexting is a new trend among young minors to take nude or semi-nude pictures using their cell phones and sending as a text attachment. . Many followers of the news are shocked at this behavior. 
Recently a 15-year-old girl from central Pennsylvania faces child pornography charges after police say she sent nude pictures of herself over the Internet. Also, the 27-year-old man she sent the pictures to is being charged with unlawful sexual activity after the pictures were found on his computer.
This behavior has created many new legal questions that will have to be resolved in the courts or by legislation.
Will convicted minors have to register as sex offender’s rest of her life?
Will the receiver face conviction, even if the photos are immediately deleted and are not solicited? Because it sure would be an easy way to made trouble for a teacher they have issues with.
Will parents be held responsible for providing the means for the photos to be taken and sent over the Internet? 
Should minors be restricted to cell phones that can not take pictures?  will parents face problems with Child Protection Services, by not supervising their child's behavior close enough or providing a means for this type of behavior to occur?