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Guess I am having a difficult time understand the need to have a door-to-door census.The estimated low-tech door-to-door census is estimated to cost about 14 BILLION dollars. If all the government wanted was an accurate count of citizens and where they lived and wanted to save taxpayers money they would go to high tech counts. It has been over 20 years since it is required Social Security Cards to be issued to newborns.

With the database of Social Security records, military records, IRS records, and state drivers licenses records, the national count of American Citizens and legal immigrates should be known It does not take a rocket scientist or project manager to see there could be a major savings to taxpayers if the entire gather the data gathered from a program count.

But I can see it now, they will want to know if you are renting, purchasing, or own your living quarters. They will want to know how many bathes, how many bedrooms, how many people live there, occupation, education, and a lot of other personal information. The census will be an invasion of our privacy.

But, I must not complain about the low tech cost, because I will be accused of being against the creation of jobs necessary for the door-to-door census.