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Many of us have eaten a whitefish called “Tilapia” in local restaurants, and it seems to have an appealing taste and texture. This week I even saw that it was a big sell item at Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart.  The price seemed right so I glaced at the label. After reading a few informative statements, With SHOCK I read, “IMPORTED FROM CHINA”; So much for their policy on selling American products.
That did it for me, I recall just about a year ago news media reports of tainted fish from China and the fact that only 5 % of the fish allowed into the USA was inspected.
Maybe I am dense or something, but I just can not understand any advantage that can be gained by purchasing food from a country that has pollution and sanitation problems in the food chain. It appears to me that our government has not only failed to protect Americans with  adequate oversight and regulation over the financial markets, but it is ignoring the health issues  in our food system. I am beginning to believe the Chicago political corruption dealing extents to Washington.