Doom and Gloom appears in across the media. Many individuals want us to be in a panic mode over Global warming.   Is it true we will face a hot dry planet in the future? A major debate occurs when we try and determine if man is a major factor or if there are other major factors with man having a very limited affect. I have not seen the source documents on the research that indicates other planets in our solar system are also warming and to what degree. Is the truth in Global warming really due to the sun and it’s solar flares?
Should we panic, because melting of the glaziers and the North Pole will reduce the salt content in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean? If the Great Conveyer Belt in the North Atlantic Ocean should stop flowing the earth would go through another ice age. Crops and plant life would almost disappear from more than half of the planet. We could not feed or warm the majority of the population on earth.
The sunspots on the sun are disappearing, in our most recent history this occurred between 1400-1700’s. During this period Europe and North American experience the “Little Ice Age. For a period of about 50 years during that time, there were almost no sunspots. Several prominent academics suggest that lower sunspot activity might lead to cooler temperatures globally, and may have played some role in the severity of the Northern Hemisphere’s 2007-2008 winter.
So will man’s affect on global warming help reduce the affect of cooling due to fewer sunspots or is it a cyclic event? Or will nothing usual happen?
The doom and gloom of an intense solar flare so intense that it would wipe out our electrical systems was in the news media this last week. The media even went as far as to predict a possible huge flare around 2012. On September 2 1859, a major solar flare hit the earth. People panicked, many thinking the world was coming to an end. Major wind and hailstorms affected ships at sea and compasses rapidly spun. The aurora that appeared in the northern skies extended farther south than ever before, turning the sky a blood red. Bolts of lighting and aurora fingers streaked across two thirds of globe. The telegram system worldwide was damaged and inoperative for days; some even caught fire and melted. Millions of North Americans lost electrical power when the solar flame damaged the Hydro-Quebec power station in Canada. Will this type of solar flame actually occur around 2012? Will satellites fall from the skies? Will we lose all communications and electrical power?
I do not know what will occur and it appears even our most intelligent and learned scientist cannot give us any clear answers. So the truth cannot be determine. What I do know is that preachers of doom and gloom provide opportunist to increased spending by governments, businesses and individuals.
I believe that mankind, like in the pass will face major damaging events, will survive for a better day. I recall all the wasted money spent on the Y2K panic in 2000, only to see nothing happen.