The last few weeks have brought many memories back.
When President Obama and his wife walked down Pennsylvania Ave, I recalled watching President Carter’s inauguration, with him and his wife walking down Pennsylvania Ave. 
When President Obama’s spoke about increasing jobs with an economic stimulus package, I recalled the President Carter’s Economic Stimulus Appropriations Act of 1977. And the Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act of 1978. I recall that employment in the government sector doubling. Yet, unemployment remained high. When President Obama talks about tax credits to encourage business to hire new employees, I recall President Carter’s Targeted Jobs Tax Credit. When President Obama talks about public service of our youth and young adults, I recall President Carter’s Youth Employment and Demonstration Projects Act. I recalled the fact that unemployment was 30% higher at the end of his term.
 When President Obama talks about the country becoming energy independent with increase investment in solar and wind systems, I recalled President Carter and the Democrat Congress and Senate plans for our country to become self-efficient and eliminate the need to import oil. I recalled the tax packages “to stimulate solar energy”, and energy conservation in the form of home installation, auto mileage, and etc. I even bought a hot water solar energy system, the best on the market. It cost 8% of my annual income and was suppose to pay for it’s self in 5 years. The system did not even last as long as President’s Carter administration. And some 30 years later, we are still not energy independent.
I pray that the misery index does not make a came back; an index that was first used during President Carter’s administration (a combination of inflation and unemployment rates),