Blogs » A Constitutionalist & Believer in Natural Law » Bank Bailouts May Reach $4 TRILLION Dollars.


$4,000,000,000.00 is a lot of money.

I will never understand how anyone believes all this government spending is going to create more jobs and return the country to better economical times.
When you factor in the current Stimulus Package and the promise of a Healthcare Bill, this government will be spending more money than any prior expenditure adjusted for inflation.  This is spending like a drunken sailor. The Democrat Party may have won the election, but they are mistaken if they were given a credit card by taxpayers.
The bill for this type of spending is going to reach every working American for years.
Even if we double the taxes on just the individuals making over $250, 000, there is not going to be enough money to pay the bill. The tax bill is going to trickle down to every working American. This is not the change Americans voted for.
It may be a good indicator of what the tax rate will be, if we look at the prior history of tax rates.
At the following link, we see that in 1941, the year we declared war, tax rates doubled fo the lowest tax rate and the top tax rate was close to 80%. Can you image being able to keep only twenty cents for every dollar you make?
We have to wake up before the money is spent. Federal government needs to get out of our pockets. Our elected officials need to spend money only for the essential services of safety and defense. They need to stop spending money to support the Endowment of the Arts, ACRON, United Nations, country club memberships (business write-offs), and foreign aid. The government is broke and they are spending money on the taxpayers’ credit card.  
For people that believed they were taxed less during President Clinton’s Administration should look at this link.

The good thing about President Clinton is he attempted to control spending, what happen to that Democrat leadership? President Bush and Congress also failed to control spending.  American need to be mad that the purposed spending is not going to solve problems, but instead create more problems for the Americans.