I believe most American’s have allegiances to one or more causes, beliefs, groups, or ideology. It is not unusual to hear someone say they are a Democrat, Republican, Catholic, Baptist, Mason, Union member, Native American, Hispanic, Latino, Black, and etc. I contend they are allegiances that help us establish self identify, a value system, and a way of life; they can also become destructive. If our allegiance is so blind we ignore the truth and facts and defend that which is irrational, we become the victim of our blind allegiance.

I have a strong allegiance to my God, Country, Family and Corps and other people have their own allegiances.

Why I am a believer in the teachings of Jesus Christ, I am not a religious extremist that believing everyone must follow my particular religious belief or church or movement and all others need to be destroyed.  Unlike my European ancestors, I will not follow the Pope or a crusade to kill or physically harm in the name of God. I reject anyone’s statements that God wants XYZ, as if they are in direct contact with the creator and know his will.

I have a strong allegiance to my family, but my allegiance ends when any member of my family plots to destroy another family member or cause them harm. My allegiance is not blind, I will not defend the actions of any family member that sell their soul to alcohol or drugs or crime. I expect members of my family to live life with honor and values to treat all people with respect.

I have a strong allegiance to my country. Actually my allegiance is to The Constitution of the United States. I may support a political ideology, but I am not blind to the fact that any political party can become extremisms in its movement and move in opposition to the Constitution of the United States. I am not a blind follower of any politician or party. And I will not defend any of them when they are wrong or violate the trust of citizens. I have an allegiance to my State, because after all Texas was a country before it was a state. It stood alone as nation for many years offering liberty and freedom similar to the Constitution of the United States. I am not blind that the fact that our country has many flaws, after all it is the product of humans; who are flawed. The country has made many mistakes, misinterpreted threats, and denied some citizens/groups the liberty, freedom, rights and protection of the United States Constitution. And the country has harmed its citizens and allowed many to die.
I have gone to war for my country. And I would consider doing it again. In my allegiance to the USA, I realize in many of its wars an military operations the citizens of this country were killed or physically harmed, many of the military operations accomplished nothing, delayed nothing, were not in the defense of the country, and did not preserve its freedom. I do not and will I ever defend these actions. I do not support and will not support all wars or military actions that our politicians wager. But most of all I will not be blind; I will rebel against this country or move away from it if my freedoms and liberty as outlined in the Constitution are destroyed.

I have a strong allegiance to the United States Marine Corps, and there have been strong honorable men that I respected and trusted enough to follow into the darkness of wars hell. There in the this darkness of wars hell, combat bounded together for all times past, present, and future all that entered there. This bond however, must not blind us into defending the actions of those that return to destroy the citizens of this country, which in many cases are their own families. And we must not support or defend any evil actions that they may engage in.

I do not propose my allegiance should be that of others or desire it.

I believe all of us must not let blind allegiance build extremism within us to the point we become so devoted that we deny others liberty, freedom, and life that disagree with us.