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Just how many people think about Windstorm Insurance when they replace their central heating and cooling unit? Well, I sure did not. And the contractor did not inform me that I needed a windstorm inspector/engineer inspection.

I was shocked to learn, I could not renew my Windstorm Policy--until a qualified windstorm inspector/engineer inspected the outside unit to insure it was bolted down to a concrete slab.

Not having the tools to do this myself, the work cost $75.00. Which took only one day, waiting around for the contractor. When I called the local Windstorm Office, I was informed they did not do the inspections and I needed to hire an engineer on their to come out and inspect the AC unit. I had to wait around another day, for the inspector to spend 8 minutes to see that the work was done properly and fill out a WPI-8 Certification Form; this cost was over $200.00.

The logic of this whole process and the cost is unreasonable, yet our elected officials in Austin still allow it to continue. It only makes sense to me that the licensed Air Condition and Refrigeration Contractors that performs the work could just send to the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association Underwriting Department a signed statement that they had performed the work according to the Windstorm Building Code; it would eliminate a lot of unnecessary expense to homeowners.