have always been a fan of books and magazine articles on Futurology; the study of current trends in order to forecast future developments.

Futurology is not science fiction and it is not an exact science. It is based upon probability studies, prior and present events, social and political behavior, and “fuzzy” projections at best. The futurist authors should not be taken to be exact predictions of events that will occur and the time line of future events may be off by years if they occur at all. Many organizations use these studies and predictions to establish “tentative action plans”. We often hear the words Assessment Planning in most of these organizations, because the general reaction by voters, stockholders, and the public would be rather negative if they used the term future projections or predictions. We can look at the “assessments” of current trends; think about consequences of current trends and what the possibilities and alternatives to them are. We can create our own what if plans.
Actually in this area each year, we see weeks of media attention on futurology; hurricane predictions.

Futurologist George Freidman, Joshua Ramo, Alvin Toffler, Herman Kahn, John Nasibitt , and Glen Hiemstra have a very loyal following.

Looking at all the works of these futurologist and their predictions does make one think.

I am going to list just a few; that I thought-readers might enjoy and contemplate on.

By 2012 President Obama will intervene in the unrest in Mexico and establish a massive aid program for Cuba.

By 2018 there will be a second Korean War when the North attacks the South. The war will last than a month with the defeat of the North.

Israel’s warplanes attack Iran’s nuclear missile sites. Revolution occurs in Iran ousting the mullahs.

Saudi Arabia’s civil war, Russia seizure of oil rich areas in Nigeria and Arctic create a United States energy crisis and heavy energy rationing. The crisis causes the United States to open reserves in Alaska, all coastal offshore areas, and mining in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.

There will be a biological attack on major cities of the United States.

There will be radioactive bomb detonation in Europe.

A new International currency will replace the American dollar as the primary world currency.

United States looses it place as the major world power, Russia with its huge oil fields and China become the major world powers.

By 2020, a Unified Global Stock Exchange will be established.

Russia and China fight for dominance of space and space science.

China makes numerous lunar landings, as the United States government space program ends.

By 2028, the People’s Republic of China will become China and be united as a single country with Taiwan with free elections and other Western freedoms.

Dictatorships/anarchy countries in the Middle East have major civil wars that create a new democratic union of city-states across the area.

Manufacturing ends in the United States with the closure of the last auto manufacture plant. A new era starts where a workers value is based upon skills, knowledge, and experience; not sales, assembly or speed.

Major viral pandemics create global crisis in the financial markets as trade and travel bring about isolation of hardest hit countries.

By 2034, the United Nations and NATO fall apart after the first nuclear war that occurs between India and Pakistan.

The World Wide Web collapses in numerous countries during and after the first nuclear war. The crisis it creates regional electrical black outs and riots.

By 2040, The United States major export is research done by its scientist and engineers.

Unless medical science makes major advances many of us will not be around to see what really develops.