There are many names given to the government’s plan to provide health care to everyone in the country, Universal Health Care, National Health Care, Public Health Insurance, National Health Care Reform, and etc. What ever the final plan will be and what it will be called is still a guess at this time.

We have been told numerous things about the coming National Health Care Plan. Those for the public health insurance claim; national health care reform will reduce cost, preserve everyone’s choice of doctors and health care facilities; ensure affordability, and quality coverage for all. Public health insurance will compete with private insurers on a fair, level playing field.

I cannot find any data to support how national health care reform will REDUCE COST. To me this is like saying you are going to feed more people and not increase your cost, it just does not make sense to me. Maybe they are talking about annual cost to patient. Maybe cost will be reduced by use of benchmark requirements to receive specific care, capping health care workers salaries, limit availability of high tech expensive testing equipment to specific locations, limit use of new generation of drugs and equipment purchases, or reduction in number of hospital and increasing specific care health centers. Benchmarks would limit care for critical diseases based upon age and other health problems and life style behavior. Smokers, obese, alcoholics, and drug addicts will receive lower level of care. Benchmarks would restrict most childbirth to birthing centers.

CHOICE OF DOCTORS AND HEALTHCARE FACILITIES is an interesting goal. Talk to any military service person or his family; it is almost impossible to find a single private physician or clinic that will accept CAMPUS Insurance (national government health care for military dependents and retires). Talk to total disabled veterans or their families about CAMPVA (dependent health care for 100% disabled veterans’ family); they can find a few physicians that will accept the insurance, but they have a 25% deductible on care and meds. Talk to the elderly that have Medicare, their choice of physicians and clinics are limited. So while would anyone believe the choice for physicians or clinics will be better under an National Health care Insurance Plan?

AFFORDABILITY; affordable to whom? Some of the proposed plans will require employers to pay 50% of their employees premiums, others increase employers withhold tax for each employee by 3.5%. Both of these will inflation the cost of products and services as companies pass this cost along to their customers. Many businesses may have to close as sells rapidly decrease. For example, hamburgers—at some point there is a price that the public will not be willing to pay.

QUALITY CARE FOR ALL. Quality is a subjective word and varies from person to person and from the provider to the customer. For a number of years individuals working in the medical field have started using the term adequate care in a higher frequency.

LEVEL PLAYING FIELD. How is this possible? Insurance companies require investors that expect a fair reasonable return on their investment. The government will not be required to even break-end.

In France, citizens are allowed to purchase additional health care insurance to pay for services that are not offered by the government health care services and physicians are allowed to have a private practice and are not required by law to accept government payment only. In Ireland physicians cannot have a private practice and citizens are not allowed to pay out of pocket or have additional insurance for services not available under the government program.

The final federal government health care plan will surprise many citizens in my opinion.