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While there has been many court cases stating individuals have the right to Privacy, the right is actual not stated in the US Constitution and it Amendments.

Many scholars have supported adopting an amendment to insure this right.

Why am I bringing up this topic you may ask? Next year the government will attempt to invade the privacy of everyone in the country; the 2010 US Census.

There are over 60 questions in the proposed census.

How willing are you to answer all the questions, which will be used to spread the wealth of the country, also called allocation of resources? And answers shared with numerous agencies (people). And files with no line of custody (weak security).

In my opinion they have no right to know: 1. Do you rise grandchildren, 2. what languages you speak, 3. if are blind, 4. if you are deaf , 5. if you have difficulty walking or climbing or dressing or bathing, 6. how many vehicles you own, 7. age of the building you live in, 8. when you moved into this home, 9. number of separate rooms, 10. number of bedrooms 11. type of plumbing facilities 12. type of kitchen facilities 13. source of heating fuel 14. if you own, rent, have mortgage, or live free at residence, 15. if you rent or pay a mortgage what is the monthly cost, 16. how many acres is the residence on, 17. what the value of the residence, 18. is there a business on the property, 19. is there a farm on the property, 20. what is your last month cost for electricity, gas, water, and etc., 21. what is your cost for residence insurance, 22. what is your annual cost for property taxes, 23. do you have a health insurance coverage, 24. how many times have you been married, 25. and etc.

The government says we do not have the right to refuse to answer these questions, and that we can be fined $5.000 for refusing. So much for freedom in America.