• Mike, It is obvious you have no clue about my belief system or my life.  You prove my statement that liberals do not embrace my beliefs.
    You must have me confused with someone else, I don't have any culture issues.  You have the right to your opinion.
     If believing in the death penalty for sexual assault of children means, means I want government in the bedroom, is a major stretch.   I assume my belief that that the government has the right to control the multiply generations of welfare citizens is unconstitutional and  is a right wing belief.  I see it as a liberal belief, all children should be raised in a healthy atmosphere.  By limiting the children in a household on welfare, their chances to improve their position in life is enhanced.  Who would want children to suffer?
     I  really don't think liberals have the market on supporting Social Security, clean energy, affordable health care or civil rights (President Lincoln and President Nixon, both conservative Republicans did more for civil rights than any liberal President) .
    I have for years supported taking the income limits off of Social Security payroll taxes.  This program has a 44 trillion dollar deficit, something needs to be done to pay down this debt, before it brings the country down.  I have always supported legislation to provide a 100 % deduction for health care insurance and expenses.  I do not have any objections to extending Medicare to all working citizens, if these individuals want to help pay for the expanded program.
     I recall Sam Rayburn attending many family reunions and passing on his words of wisdom to all of his relatives. I am proud to claim the same blood.  I was raised dirt poor and a conservative Democrat. 
      I come from a broken home,  My 18 year old pregnant mother and I lived in a dirt floor chicken coup for over a years, when I was two years old.  Our housing  conditions did not improve due to the help of government.  Only her hard work provided food, clothing, and later better housing.  Nothing has been handed to me in life.  I started working wages at 7, cotton fields.  I left home at 18 with only the clothes on my back and $20.00; I earned chopping cotton. 
     My college education, I earned by service in the military. My master's thesis in Political Science was on the concept "Only stable governments are created when economical classes can move up or down the economic ladder based upon individual efforts".  
    I have been an active member of both major political parties. I was a Precinct Judge for over 8 years.   I am proud that when I ran for State Representative in 1990, I was able to get the state to pass legislation requiring recycle of motor oil, tires, and batteries.  And to charge a re-cycle fees to support the program. I support a mandatory sales tax fee of 5 cents for all purchased disposable containers.  The fees to assist local governments for clean up of beaches, waterways, and highways.   And to help offset cost of landfills.
    I support clean energy, but I am a numbers person.  The numbers indicate that wind energy can only supply only 10% of our energy needs.  Battery powered vehicles require more energy to produce and create more pollution than natural gas power.  Hydrogen power requires more energy per BTU to produce than natural gas.  Grassohol has some possibilities.  It does not make sense to me to take food out of the field and use it to make fuel.

    March 6, 2009 at 6:29 p.m.

  • Mike, I have a question for you about your reply to Alton.  I'm not trying to get in your face about it, but I don't understand what you are saying and would like you to clear it up for me:  "You are classic right-winger, wanting government in the bedroom or to solve your culture issues but want it smaller when it comes to taxation, guns or anything else you favor that is is either illegal or unconstitutional."
    The part I don't understand is you saying he wants smaller government regarding taxation, guns or anything else you favor that is either illegal or unconstitutional.  Are you saying that you believe Alton likes some illegal and/or unconstitutional things and doesn't want the government involved with his enjoyment of those things?  I didn't see anything in his post that would indicate that he lives a criminal lifestyle.  I've read many of his posts and never seen anything to make me believe he's some sort of neferious person. 
    Sometimes you and I don't agree about the sun coming up in the east, but I don't think this is one of those times.  I just don't understand what you wrote and would like some clarification from you.  Thank you.

    March 6, 2009 at 8:15 a.m.

  • Alton
    You are classic right-winger, wanting government in the bedroom or to solve your culture issues but want it smaller when it comes to taxation, guns or anything else you favor that is is either illegal or unconstitutional.
    No sir, you have no liberal stances at all.IMO
    You are talking about social conservatives and social .liberalism..All those are culture issues.
    Fiscal Conservatives are for a balanced budget,smaller government (even on social issues)low taxation and fiscal restraint.
    Liberals are for a clean environment (pro green energy) believes a prosperous country needs to provide safety net for the less fortunate,Social Security,Civil rights,and affordable health care for all.

    March 6, 2009 at 7:43 a.m.