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The Omnibus Bill includes an earmark for the National Council of La Raza; $950,000. The National Council of La Raza helped organize large protests in 2006 opposing congressional efforts to increase enforce U.S. immigration laws. The organization opposes ICE, local law enforcement of immigration laws, local law enforcement detaining illegal immigrates violating traffic laws for INS, and INS enforcement of immigration laws. They also support an open border. How in all fairness the organization the taxpayers' money will be spent on education, housing assistance, and job creation of Hispanics. Nothing like being racist. I doubt you will see taxpayers money earmarked for a Germanic, Romania, Irish, Italian, Swedish, Chinese, Koren community service organizations. I have been involved over the years with the audit of many charitable organizations. They have some of the most creative accounting recording to establish the expenditure of funds. For example, the organization may support housing assistance. When in fact the housing is for apartments that are owned by the directors/officers/family members of the organization. I am not saying that this organization stumps to this level, but I would love to see their books and documentation after they receive the money.