Sounds like an easy question to answer. But, I wonder is President Obama really in control. More and More, I feel like Washington is trying to manipulate the citizens.

The decisions of the President appear to come form focus groups, study groups, advisory groups, advisory staff, and image consultants. I have not seen him make a single time critic emergency decision.

Negative terms/policies are re-named, re-labeled, or re-packaged to put a positive spin on them. One -World -Government is now called Global Governance with Global Solutions. Pollution is now called Carbon. Printing money is now called increasing money supply, increasing credit, or increasing monetary reserves. Increasing taxes is now called fair share, patriot sacrifice, or joint sacrifice. Increased government spending is now called investment in the future. Government take-over of industries is now called government regulation. Arrogance is now called confidence.

President Obama appears to spend more time doing a daily commercial (Presidential Speeches) and traveling than time in the Oval Office. Without a teleprompter and speeches written by someone else, he can only repeat talking points. His back and forth swaying head when he uses more than one teleprompter or the forward glaze when he uses a single teleprompter does not promote confidence.

I wonder is President Obama the real President or is he a puppet controlled by others.