This month and next month, across the United States in almost every city and town a right of passage is occurring. It is called High School Graduation. It is celebrated with great fan fare and happiness. We see the laughter and smiles in proms, graduation pictures, and graduation gifts.

An unspoken passage occurs during this time, a time of moving from the innocent of youth into the responsibility of adulthood. The individual will dictate the chase of their dreams and their success now. The individual will learn that life is an wonderful adventure down a road with many choices to exit to new roads, some may be smoother than others, many roads that appear smooth will soon become full of pot holes, and there is no turning back. This period of time will test and mold the individual. The individual will change, some will be happy and other disappointed in their choices. But, the individual will now own their choices.

If I could say a few words to each of these graduates it would be that life is wonderful if you don’t forget to smell the roses. And remember that the window of opportunity will be open for a short period of time.

I wish each individual during this right of passage the very best future.