Manure/poop has many names. Children have called it number two, pooh-pooh, potty, smelly and do-do. Adults use other names in rough company. Marines and Naval personnel have their own name for it. But we all know what it is.

Every few weeks, we need a new program to keep up with the latest changes in our language. Newer cozy names are replacing old familiar names. I believe this is done in order to control the American people. Because, by controlling the language--one controls the discussion. The best examples I can put forth on this are language of Internal Revenue Service documents and legal documents.

Alternative Energy is now Renewable Energy. Over the last 6-8 months numerous corporations have changed their names. Renewable, Green, Clean, or New are part of the new names of old corporations in the energy business.

And after seeing numerous commercial promoting cap-and-trade, seeing, and hearing discussions on cap-and-trade it has a new name. It is now “Pollution Reduction Refund”, “Cap-and-cash-back”, to move us away from the dirty fuels of the past that cause “Pollution Death” and ”Atmosphere Cancer”. How with new language like this how could anyone oppose it? Even when it is nothing but manure to hide a new tax, it is manure.