Anyone living in Texas is aware that Pick-ups represent close to 50% of the automobiles on the road. And many families second vehicle is a Pick-Up. Pick-Up trucks are almost a necessary item for construction contractors, ranchers, farmers, and etc.

President Obama has set higher mileage and emissions standards to begin to take effect in 2012 and is to be achieved by 2016.

Pick-ups will be required to get thirty miles a gallon. Cars, vans and SUV’s will be required to get 39 miles a gallon.

The only way to met these standards according to automotive engineers is to make a smaller and lighter vehicle, with less horsepower. I don’t see how these vehicles can provide the necessary power and durability necessary for hauling heavy loads. One things are for sure, the heavy duty high horsepower Pick-Up Trucks will become only a memory to many.

It sure is going to interesting watching these developments.