A massive 600-megawatt wind farm will be built in West Texas in a “joint venture” project. The major investors are a shell company using stimulus money (U.S. Renewable Energy Group), a China investment group (A-Power Energy Generation Systems), a Chinese wing turbine manufacturer (Shenyang Power Group), and a Austin-based wind developer (Cielo Wind Power).

The 240 wind turbines manufactured by China will create 2,000-3,000 jobs in China, using the gearbox design of General Electric (parent company of NBC, that provided unequal time free coverage of the Obama campaign). The project will create jobs for Americans, estimated to be 300 temporary construction jobs, and 30 permanent jobs.

China also exports to the United States about 95% of all its manufactured solar energy panel components. Creating more income for China and jobs for their citizens.

The United States has numerous wind turbine manufacturers, why are they not receiving the stimulus money? Oh, I forgot American corporations are greedy and only benefit the wealthy CEO’s and American finance industry.

I wonder will the Obama Administration include the Chinese jobs as new jobs created by “The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009”?

Why is stimulus money, American taxpayers money, being spent for jobs in China?