What is happening to the moral values of Americans?

We appear to no longer hold sacred the values of equal justice under the law.

Americans are quick to prosecute the middle-class and the poor for breaking laws. And many end up in prison.

America has developed a separate rule for women, the elite, celebrities, professional athletes’, “highly talented”, and elected officials.

We have seen female teachers avoid prosecution for having sexual affairs with male minors.

This week I heard Americans oppose the return of self-admitted child rapist, Director Roman Polanski, for prosecution.

I heard Americans laugh happily at Letterman’s announcement; he had violated the trust of his position by having sex with women on his staff and the staff of his producer.

I see where American tax dollars pay the salaries of lawbreakers in D.C., and I hear many Americans defend the practice.

And we wonder why our youth embrace cheating and dishonest behavior.

It is a Disgrace.