Until now, the people around me talked about a bright future. Even my grandparents had talked about now much better their life style would be and for all American’s. There has been a CHANGE. Over the last nine months I met few people that are upbeat, happy about their prospects for a bright future.

A bright future for many College students, graduating next year has CHANGED. They are receiving few if any job offers. They are concerned about paying off college debt. Many of them are even taking a gamble. They are taking on more debt, entering graduate school, and praying that job markets will have improved by the time they graduate with a Masters.

A bright future for Med students has CHANGED. They are facing graduating with a massive debt that will never be paid off. Even nursing students are concerned about changes in working conditions and lower salaries upon graduation.

A bright future for State governments has CHANGED. States face possible cuts in services, salary freezes, construction freezes, increase in service fees and state supported college tuitions. Unemployment is creating an influx in Medicaid citizens (States pay for Medicaid, and later receive 50% reimbursement from the federal government). Individuals on Medicaid may even increase more, if a federal national healthcare mandates expansion of this program.

A bright future for individuals approaching retirement and those already retired has CHANGED. I have seen these individuals retirement investments value fall 15-30%, dividends have dropped or stopped, interest rates on CD’s and bonds have dropped. The federal government has already announced there will not be an annual cost of living raise increase on social security retirement benefits for the next two years. Individuals on Medicare during this time period will see increases in premiums for Part B clinic services and for Part D medicine program. The future effect of a possible half trillion dollar reduction in funding for Medicare is unknown.

A bright future for individuals working on commissions only has CHANGED. They are often paid only when clients pay. Some go a year or two without any income, living on advancements (loans) and then receive the commissions in a single year. They now will be faced with an increase loss of the income to federal taxes. Ranchers and Farmers have a similar problem, they often take our loans to live on, waiting for the one or two good years in which they can make enough money to pay off debts, replace equipment, stock, and supplies. They now will face higher income taxes in the years they make over $200,000 AGI.

A bright future for children and the unborn has CHANGED. They already have a major national debt deficit to pay.

I pray for a better day, when all Americans believe they have a brighter future.