President Obama’s dependence on focus groups, study groups, advisors, czars, cabinet, and white house staff appears to allow him to concentrate on speeches and travel. He has managed to make more public speeches in his short time as President than any prior President. One would think he is still on the campaign trail or there is a desire to keep him away from Washington and the White House.

I believe even during TARP II, Ominous bill and budget; he was and is a puppet in the hands of his speechwriters and administration team. Is it possible, he believes them without questioning? Does he have anyone outside his close team, which points out the problems and weakness of bold statements or question “facts”?

It is obvious to many individuals that saw his recent speeches on health-care reform; he had not read the H. R. bill 3200 or he is a liar. I really want to give him the benefit of doubt and believe he is not a liar, I believe he was not completely informed of all the facts, and relied upon the speechwriters to provide a truthful and honest speech. I believe he did not know enough to even question the information given to him.

Can we call it true leadership, when one takes the position suggested through briefings? Could it be someone else, or some group of individuals are the true leadership, hidden away from the image put forth from the President?