Don’t we all wonder how Congress came up with the 99 weeks for Unemployment Benefits? Just five weeks short of two years worth of Unemployment Benefits is an all time high. It is just short of four times the old 26-week of benefits. Is it possible that it is linked to coming elections and a desire to purchase votes?

I do not oppose a reasonable safety net for citizens that have lost their jobs to aid in keeping them afloat until they get another job. 99-weeks seems to indicate to me that the Obama Administrations job creation plans for the public sector have failed.

Many workers are under the false impression that they pay into the State and Federal Unemployment Trust Funds. Employers are actually the sole contributors to the Unemployment Trust Funds.

In Texas employers have seen their Texas Workforce Commission tax almost triple to pay for the increased unemployment rate of 8.6% based upon a 26-week benefit. It appears that this rate will have to increase 3-4 times above the recent increase to pay for 99 weeks of benefits.

I wonder if the candidates for state public office will promise not to increase taxes?

The future tax rate for Federal Unemployment tax is not known, but logic only dictates it will increase also.

Many citizens will state that employers will just pass the tax on to consumers in the form of higher prices on products and services, and many will.

Hold on, what about the small local businesses? Often the small local business owner has to compete with major chains that sell numerous products or services that can spread the increase over more products and services; causing the small business owner to absorb the expense into lower profits.