It is disturbing to see a trend in America to break away from the traditions that have made America’s standards of living improve with each new generation.

America was proud of its achievements as a country and held close the values of self-responsibility, individual honesty, dedication of the individual, respect for the honest success of the individual, liberty of the individual, and self-sufficient.

Americans use to look at our country as a young country that was moving forward to improve the lives of its individual citizens.

America did not dwell on its failures of the past that were corrected, but looked at uniqueness of the country to hold close the liberty of the individual. America found problems and solved them without taking away the rights of the individual.

Americans did not apologize for the past, but held its head high with pride on correcting the injustices where they could in their fight against the evils that desired to control and enslave the individual.

Parents in America looked at their children with a vision they would be more successful then themselves and their life would be better. They would be able to provide even more for their children. American families did not look for the government to help them achieve their dreams. American families encouraged their children to set their goals high and work towards those goals.

America has provided the United States citizen the tools for individual success, through our education system. Success is not easy; it must be worked for. If it was easy everyone would succeed. Success requires dedication and the willingness to sacrifice pleasurable time for study and practice. Each individual must determine what and how much they are willing to sacrifice to achieve each level of skill to succeed.

Seeking Wealth was not evil, evil only occurred when one lost their honor, honesty, morals, and respect in seeking success and higher incomes.

Americans recognized that success is rewarded with higher incomes and not everyone has the skills and the years of dedication it takes to sacrifice personal pleasures for successful study and mastering of the skills to be in the league of high-end income earners.

Americans realized that our country’s strength came from the honest dedicated professionals.

In the Engineering field Americans produced engineers in, Architecture, Auto, Aerospace, Bioresearch, Biochemical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Fabric, Genetic, Hydraulic, Hydro, Laser, Mechanical, Microwave, Nanotechnology, Nuclear, Optical, Pharmacia, Robotic, Structural, Software, Stress, Transportation and others. These individuals are the creators and builders of our society. Because not everyone can master the skills of math to be an engineer, they are rewarded upon their skill, complexity of the projects they complete, and number of projects that they complete. These projects provide jobs for many skilled and unskilled workers. Their skills are in demand around the world; they can work around the world. Without American Engineers the pride of America will crumble. Many of these individuals have annual incomes of $200,000 or more. America gives them also above average rewards for success to encourage them to build American society and not Asia or European society. Otherwise, the victory of success becomes hollow.

There are numerous medical care fields: Chiropractor, Dentist, Epidemiologist, Optometrist, Occupational Therapist, Nurse, Radiologist, Rehabilitation Therapist, Pathologist, Physical Therapist, and Physicians-all dedicated and motivated to learn the scientific skills and to spend years of study and training to master the skills to be in these medical care field. These individuals are the ones that treat our injuries, diseases, deformities and aging bodies. Their incomes are based upon their skills, years of training, complexity of their skills, and number of patients they help. Many of these individuals have incomes of $250,000 or more. They are also employers. They cannot provide their services without employing skilled and unskilled labor.

For our children we need to return to American Pride and Honor.