As Washington talks about another large spending bill, many taxpayers are seeing red as numerous cities, counties, states and Washington ignore drops in revenues and fail to make major spending cuts.

It is not only the United States citizens that are seeing red, but many countries in Europe.

Greece is often called the birthplace of democracy, has become a social democracy country; less than 15% of the population is not working for the government or government controlled businesses. Corruption and nepotism has become wide spread in the Greek government and unions. Even government workers are members of the union. The tax rate has become so high citizens are seeing red as they manipulate their tax returns. As the country bleeds red it nears bankruptcy with a national budget deficit of 12.7% of their national GDP, the unions have refused to take benefit and pay cuts. Greece has not been able to find buyers for their bonds. A rumor has circulated that German banks may buy the bond at a 30% discount off the face value.

Fear that Greece’s financial collapse would spread in the European Union the EU members are requesting the International Monetary Fund come to the aid of Greece. The EU is seeing red, blaming the United States’ firm of Goldman-Sachs and JP Morgan for helping Greece create a fraudulent application to the EU and manipulated reports to the EU.

Spain’s government passed legislation on cap and trade and pressed for development of green energy and green jobs. The government spent millions subsidizing green jobs, only to lose 2.2 jobs for every green job created. Spain has been rated by Moody’s at their lowest possible rating. Spain’s deficit is 12.3 % of their nation GDP. The citizens are seeing red as taxes have increased and unemployment has reached 18%.

Ireland last year saw their deficit at 10.75% of GDP, and possible economic collapse as result of government spending went on a budget diet. All federal government salaries were cut by 8-15% including the Prime Minister. Construction was halted except where there was a safety issue. Additional staff hiring was eliminated. Unemployment and welfare programs were cut. Other examples of major cuts appeared in scientific research, funding of libraries, funding of the arts, public relations campaigns to buy Ireland products. Salary and benefits bargaining between the government and unions ended. A tax of 7% was levied on pensions. Union members are seeing red, but the government has slowed bleeding red.

California which represent 12% of the United States GDP continues to bleed money and continues to get an unfair portion of federal tax dollars. They are not alone, Arizona, New York, Illinois, Michigan, Florida, New Jersey, and about 30 other states face major budget problems. It appears that states rights will be handed over to a federal judge who will dictate the necessary cuts that politicians are unwilling to make. Taxpayers from sound financial states will see red as their taxes go up to pay for the bailouts.

The United States of America’s current deficit is 10.64 % of our GDP. China has told their banks to stop buying USA bonds. Yet, the Obama Administration is determined to continue their push for National Health-care and cap-and trade, ignoring the citizens that are seeing red over these policies.