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The Advocate published a story Sunday called “Many Texans have a ‘Flintstones’ view of the past. I found this story very interesting. It appeared to me an attempt to link religious belief as the source for individuals that believed that modern man and dinosaurs coexisted in the past. The graph indicated 30% of Texans surveyed believe modern man and dinosaurs coexisted in the past.

Absolutes are sometimes flawed.

I contend that the concept of what a dinosaur is may have created the high figures of individuals that believe dinosaurs and man has not coexisted.

We know that archaeologists have carbon dated bones back to around 500, 000 years that could be parts of modern man.

Most scientific circles accept the fact that the Mesozoic Era, the period of time that reptiles ruled the earth ended 65 million years ago.

The question that comes into play is—has ANY reptiles of this Mesozoic period survived long enough to coexist with man?

The Komodo Dragon’s origin is believed to be close to the 65 million year mark and lives today.

Also, there is a general consensus among paleontologists that birds are the descendants of theropod dinosaurs.

The 1861 discovery of the primitive bird Archaeopteryx first suggested a close relationship between dinosaurs and birds. Aside from the presence of fossilized feather impressions, Archaeopteryx was very similar to the contemporary small predatory dinosaur Compsognathus. Research has since identified theropod dinosaurs as the most likely direct ancestors of birds; most paleontologists today regard birds as the only surviving dinosaurs, and some suggest that dinosaurs and birds should be grouped into one biological class. Aside from birds, crocodilians are the only other close relatives of dinosaurs to have survived until the present day. Like dinosaurs and birds, crocodilians are members of Archosauria, a group of reptiles that first appeared in the very late Permian Era and came to predominate in the mid-Triassic.

I can even see how some individuals may make the mistake to define dinosaur as any animal from the Mesozoic Era. Sharks origins extend to 400-450 million years.

I see birds every day and I have seen crocodiles and sharks.

It surprises me that more Texans don’t believe modern man and dinosaurs coexist.