In the Lone Star State of Texas, qualified voters have the opportunity to vote for Judges.

I believe everyone that votes should take special interest in the person they elect to the bench.

The possibility of a Texan appearing in court before a judge in their lifetime is rather high.

With the high rate of divorce being over 50%, Texans will depend on a judge to approve the divorce and settlement of assets.

Other issues that often bring a person before judges are numerous---traffic tickets, DWI, DUI, inheritance disagreements, bankruptcy, breach of contract, property liens, child custody, child support, assault, personal injury, and etc.

I have never seen a debate between candidates for judges and often have never seen the candidates in person. What are the criteria you use to determine the judge you will vote for?

When I vote for a Judge, I vote based upon my knowledge of their past history. I look to see if the judge has walked the life of a “commoner”. I am not big on judges with a country club elite life. I do not want a judge that will legislate from the bench. I desire to vote for a judge that believes in the rights of an individual and the Constitution.