Blogs » A Constitutionalist & Believer in Natural Law » Alton Easton’s 2010 Predictions


  1. Iran will get the bomb.
  2. Harry Reid loses re-election bid.
  3. Ruth Bader Ginsburg will retire for health reasons, President Obama nominates a super liberal.
  4. Chris Dodd loses his election.
  5. With minor periods of gain the economy will remain along the bottom.
  6. President Obama will push for an illegal-alien amnesty. It will pass in time for new citizens to vote in the 2010 election.
  7. Fidel Castro will die.
  8. Kim Jong will die.
  9. Pakistan will have a major political and financial crisis.
  10. The terror trial in New York will be a farce from the word go.
  11. Texas will be forced to make major budget cuts as cost of Medicaid increases by 2.7 billion dollars after passage of the National Health care Reform Bill.
  12. Republicans will lose the state governors race.