Monday is the filing deadline for individuals desiring to be a Texas Governor candidate, and already the list is extensive.

Rick Perry (R)* - Current Governor Kay Bailey Hutchison (R)- US Senator, Ex-State Treasurer, Ex-State Rep. & Attorney Larry Kilgore (R) - Texas Secession Activist, Telecommunications Worker & Frequent Candidate Koo-Hyun "John" Kim (R) Bill Lawrence (R) Debra Medina (R) - Wharton County GOP Chair, Ron Paul Campaign Activist, Nurse & Rancher Felix Alvarado (D) - Teacher & Vietnam War Veteran Bill Dear (D) - Private Investigator Farouk Shami (D) - Businessman Bill White (D) - Houston Mayor, Ex-Deputy US Energy Secretary, Attorney & Ex-Congressional Aide Jeff Daiell (Libertarian) - Ex-State Party Chair, Businessman, Frequent Candidate Kenneth Griffin (Libertarian) Steve Nichols (Libertarian) - Ex-Frisco City Councilman & Real Estate Appraiser M.J. "Smitty" Smith (Libertarian) Ed Tidwell (Libertarian) David Carpenter (Independent) Fran Cavanaugh (Independent)- Businessman & Realtor Clement Glenn (Independent) Curtis "Tank" Hartfield (Independent) Kenneth Richardson (Independent) John Roland Ross (Independent) Les Sanderfer (Independent)- Bartender & Army Veteran

This is only the candidates for governor, looking at the entire list of candidates can be mind-boggling. It is going to take an informed voter a lot of time to learn about all these candidates. And it is an almost impossible task for new media outlets to cover all candidates equally.

I suspect most voters have a political party bias or political philosophy bias to help narrow down the candidates to just a few individuals. Not only the political activities of candidates, but also newspapers will pay a major role in providing information about the candidates.

The campaign has already started, Kay Hutchinson has hit the radio talk shows and Rick Perry has a strong Internet campaign going. I just hope that each party does not out spend their budgets during the primary, only to exhaust campaign donations for the major election.

It is going to be an exciting year, and a wonderful time to be a Texan.