Are you ready for a new vehicle tax? New taxes paid for the miles you drive your vehicle during the year? It is estimated the Texas highway fund for new construction will be close to zero by 2012. The Texas Transportation Commission has started a study on taxing vehicles by the miles a motorists drive in a year. It is not known if the proposal will be a replacement for the gas tax or an additional tax.
Texas is not the only state looking at this method of increasing revenues that are being lost by fuel-efficient vehicles (Oregon, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Florida, Rhode Island, Minnesota are also looking at this new tax).

It appears the technology is available to monitor and report the mileage. Just how a vehicle-miles-traveled tax would be assessed is part of the study. It could be as simple as drivers writing a check when they have their vehicles inspected or could involve in-car technology to more precisely track mileage, perhaps tacking on a charge when drivers fuel up by communicating with the gas pump. The reporting at the gas pump technology would allow the additional technology to charge a lower rate for rural citizens and individuals traveling outside the state.

I believe that the state government is wasting taxpayer’s money, because the voters will reject this invasion on where they drive and how much they drive. I believe they would support a less invasive tax like a toll tax or an increase on the annual registration of vehicles.

I know I will be asking many state candidates their position on “Tax By The Mile”.