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A recent story in a Texas newspaper disclosed that teachers were selling their lesson plans and courses on line for 3-10 dollars each, with some teachers making $500-$40,000. Teachers Pay Teachers website had sells of over $500,000 last year. We Are Teachers, an Austin based web site, not only offers lesson plans but forums for educators to exchange ideas.

There is a strong demand for these products. Students learn how to prepare for tests and teachers are able to increase their teaching skills by learning from other teachers. Not only are the educators able to save time in preparing for class, but also the school districts get the rewards of the combined knowledge learned by the teachers. Demand for products extends to families that home school.

How could anyone oppose a positive trend that is not limited to Texas?

Plano ISD is now suing some teachers, claiming that the creations and income belong to the school district, because their written policy written years before the Internet state; ”Any materials created by employees while at school belong to the district.” Many other school districts that do not have this written policy are adding it.

Most of these teachers receive rather small incomes from selling their creations on line. And just how are the school districts going to monitor these activities and prove they were created while at school is beyond me. I support these educators and their right to sell their creations.