During this environmental crisis, which has sent the stocks of BP downward, the Obama Administration has not been standing idle. The move to seek possible criminal action against BP has driven the stock down farther.

The Obama Administration is following the statements of Rahm Emanuel, “don’t waste a crisis”

Now, “community organizations” have formed “Seize BP” and plan demonstrations in about 50 major cities today through Saturday. The leadership of these “community organizers” can not be identified.

Robert Reich, President Bill Clinton's labor secretary, said, “a federal takeover of BP is the only way to provide transparency, guarantee competency and ensure Obama is in charge.” He also, stated the government take over of AIG and General Motors without any legal challenges proves that President Obama has the power to take over BP.

Looking at the past, when President Turman took over the steel mills during Korea, the Supreme Court later ruled it was unconstitutional, because he did not get approval from Congress.

So will Congress approve take over of BP, will the federal government seize another public owned company? We will have to wait and see.