Blogs » A Constitutionalist & Believer in Natural Law » Washington Stops Panic, But Does Not Fix Problem


The bickering over our national debt limit was about the needs of the Washington elite instead of the needs of the country. I am disappointed with a broken government that refuses to fix itself. And I am disappointed that the Budget Control Act that was signed into law did not make the transformative changes this nation requires.

This debt increase was the highest in history.

The budget cuts represented less than a half percent of one percent of the over all-spending.

The base line of spending was set at an annual increase of 8 percent over the next ten years. Our gross national product is not even growing at this rate. It is like telling your child you will give them a ten-dollar allowance and increase it ten dollars each month. How long due you think you would be able to continue that?

We don't send politicians to Washington in order to appoint special committees and duck responsibility. This half-Democrat, half-Republican committee will probably deadlock, too (or pass tax increases calling them reductions in tax loop holes) or we'll get little out of it. Washington needs to make tough choices to cut spending and reduce the size of our federal government. We've had enough commissions that were ignored and were just a waste of time.

We will probably see again a media panic for Washington to get something done to avoid major reductions in Social Security and Defense spending and once again the problem will not be fixed.