WHERE DO WE FIND CORPORATIONS? Mining, Utilities, Construction, Manufacturing, Retail Sales, Transportation, Farming, Ranching, Real Estate, Banking, Physicians, Hospitals, Rental and Leasing Services, Auto and Vehicle Dealerships, Waste Management, Education Services, Food Services, Shipping, Professional Services (attorney, accounting, and etc.), and even some of the small “mom and pop” operations are corporations.

WHO OWNS CORPORATIONS? PEOPLE CREATE CORPORATIONS by purchasing stock. Each stockholder is an owner of the corporation. PEOPLE pool their money together to create a corporation with a belief that they will make money on their stock. Each stockholder may vote on the leadership of the corporation.

WHERE DO PEOPLE PURCASE their goods and services? CORPORATIONS (Wal-Mart, H.E.B., Chilies, Out Back, IHOP, McDonalds, Sonic, General Foods, Kraft, De-Monte, Jimmy Dean, Merck, Johnson and Johnson, and many more) provide PEOPLE with goods and services across the nation that cannot be found in small regional ownership operations.

WHERE DO PEOPLE INVEST FOR RETIREMENT? CORPORATIONS in general provide 401(K) retirement or other channels for personal retirement planning. They usually are the best investments for retirement planning; just ask anyone that is trying to live on social security retirement alone.

WHERE DO PEOPLE WANT TO WORK IN THE PRVIATE SECTOR? PEOPLE want to WORK FOR CORPORATIONS, because they offer better pay and benefits.

It is not a joke or laughing matter, without corporations Americans would have fewer goods and services and fewer jobs and a lower standard of living.