Tune In to watch the LAST launch of the American manned shuttle program.

Friday, July 8th at 10:35 CST launch will be the last, the end.

I recall listening in school to the launch of Alan Shepard into space and always desired to see actual manned space launch in my lifetime. But, it is not meant to be.

I wonder if colleges and universities across this great country will open up their PA systems, turn on classroom televisions and watch the last launch of American’s manned shuttle flight. I wonder how many will watch.

The United States prestige and leadership in space is ending or is already dead. After just over 50 years the United States will not have an independent space program. The United States will no longer be a dominant force in space.

If we desire to send a human from the United States into space we will need to pay Russia or some other country their fee to take our astronauts into space—assuming they will allow us to still be part of the manned space exploration.

We dare not ask questions about how we will continue our experiments aboard the International Space Station (ISS), or make space walks to repair the Hubble Telescope.

We hear talk about the development of a new rocket system to carry our payloads into space, but where is the funding?

I will not forget to tune-in to watch the dying American space program as the shuttle takes off and lands back on earth for the last time.