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I often visit on-line foreign newspapers just to see what they are saying. It provides me with a chance to see how other countries view the problems of the USA.

For example a foreign news outlet reports: “Mr. Boehner said talks collapsed because the White House insisted on raising taxes while refusing to get serious about cutting spending and overhauling retirement and healthcare programs. Democrats say tax loopholes and Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy must end as part of a US fiscal rehabilitation.

A major barrier was how much revenue would be raised via tax reform - with Mr. Obama wanting $1.2 trillion over 10 years and Mr. Boehner putting $800 billion on the table.”

I contend that most Americans would like more transparency on this whole process. Is it not time that we stop hearing the President tells us what the hang up is and then Congressman Boehner? Is it not time these talks were broadcast on C-span?