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Last night, the President still had no plan for dealing with government overspending and over borrowing, and he repeated his never-ending call for tax hikes.

When President Obama attempted to explain the nation's debt problems, he said that every family knows that "a little credit card debt is manageable." With $14.294 trillion in debt, the President grossly understates the problem—and he forgets that Americans are well aware of Washington's spending addiction.

Half measures won't fool the credit ratings agencies, just raising the debt limit and not defaulting on our current bond debt payments, without real cuts and caps on spending will cause a down grade in USA bond rating.

Where is the President’s leadership? He says he has a plan. Where is his plan?

We need to forget the McConnell, McConnell–Reid, Coburn, Gang-of-Six, Boehner, and Reid plans. They are half measure plans that do not provide real spending cuts and caps on American spending; they just raise the National Debt Limit.