Newspapers provide us with more than the news; they provide us with a historical recording of life on a particular day.

I recall the many times that I have picked up an old newspaper printed 10 years or more in the past. They held my interest as if they were printed today. My mind would wander as I read the stories and classified.

Where are the people that graduated from high school, did they accomplish their dream, did they find achieving the dream as rewarding as the pursuit, did they stop along the way for a new dream, did events occur that destroyed the dream, and are they happy?

Often the recording of their graduation will be the last time they are in the news, until their marriage or obit.

The businesses that are no longer here, how did the closing affect the lives of employees, did the businesses close because of new advancements in technology or regulations or the client base moved away, or did the businesses close due to poor management?

The classifieds records the changes in prices, the changes in high demand services and products; I can not recall the last time I saw an ad for Diaper Cleaning Service or television repair.

Newspapers are more than the news. Newspapers are a historical snapshot recording.