Canada has followed in the footsteps of Australia and eliminates the penny from its treasury. It does not mean that merchandise or services will eliminate the penny, it just means the price will be rounded down or up. All transactions just round up to a nickel if $0.03 or $0.04 cents, and down to $0.00 if $0.02 cents or a penny. The reason for the elimination is the cost of striking a penny is now almost twice the cost of its face value. Zinc is now the primary metal in US pennies and eliminating the penny would affect the zinc industry. I see a few immediate problems if we followed their lead. The US Postal System would lose more money, because the 47 cent stamp would be rounded down to 45 cents if you purchased a single stamp. However there would be no lost if sold no less than two stamps at once; the 94 cents would cost 95 cents. The other immediate problem is: what will the banks do with all the pennies they start accumulating and can no longer issue.