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This week some forty plus Viet Nam, Korean, and World War II veterans, attending weekly PTSD group therapy, were informed their group therapy would end this month. Group therapy for these veterans has been part of their treatment to help them open up, interact, and learn the coping skills needed to improve their lives. Now, most of these vets will be left once again to cope alone, and some may slide back into their previous states. So what happened to people saying they support our veterans?

Also, for some time the local veterans’ clinic has known it must vacate its current location by the end of May. Veterans are told they are working on the issue, but at this late date no contracts have been made for a new location. Even if a contract for a new location is made within the next few weeks, the question is can additional contracts be approved by the government and the work completed at the new location for operations in less than 90 days?

The Veterans Administration has not officially said a Veterans Out-Patient Clinic will remain in Victoria. Veterans have been informed that the current number of vets enrolled for treatment does not qualify the clinic to add any additional services and space. Veterans have been informed that in order to add additional services more veterans need to enroll --even if they have no current plans to use their services in the near future; and this has not happened. The current clinic cannot provide on-site physical therapy, pharmacy, radiology, dental, or ophthalmology services. Most veterans have to travel to San Antonio for these services.

The clinic has struggled to maintain adequate physician staff to provide timely care to its veterans. The veterans come from a large area of the state that extends pass the borders of The Golden Crescent Region. There have been numerous periods when only two medical care physicians were available to care for the large number of veterans. Some veterans were even getting care through a remote video camera for a time. Currently, the staff shortage is being filled by physicians contracted for less than a year.

It is obvious that the Victoria Out-Patient Clinic and the veterans they service is not a top priority to the Veterans Administration Regional Office in San Antonio. Will local area veterans be directed to seek care at other Veterans Out-Patient Clinics at La Grange or Corpus Christi? Are cuts in the Defense Department Budget forcing these changes? We do not know. What is known -- fundamental changes are occurring related to the Victoria Veterans Out-Patient Clinic.